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What Is Bruxing?

Dr. Kristen Whetsell  2020 got you down?  It’s fair to say that this has been a stressful year all around. Believe it or not, the effects of all this extra stress (working from home, zoom school, general background stress) are already showing up in our mouths. This added stress can often manifest as clenching and […]


Dr. Christopher Pham Invisalign uses simple clear aligners to move your teeth weekly with little discomfort. You can have a straighter, healthier smile in just a matter of months. With various payment plan options, Invisalign can be surprisingly affordable! Benefits of straighter teeth Teeth can be cleaned more easily when they are better aligned and […]

“When Should My Child Get Braces?”

As a pediatric dentist a question I am commonly asked by parents is, “when should my child get braces?”  Parents see children of all ages in different types of orthodontic appliances and begin to wonder if their child should be starting treatment as well.  This is a question that can only be answered if we […]

Infant Oral Health Care

Infants Should See a Pediatric Dentist before their 1st Birthday Many parents are surprised to hear that their infant should visit the pediatric dentist before their first birthday to insure their child the best smile possible.  Parents can expect this initial visit to include an oral exam with additional emphasis on developing a plan to […]

Cracked Teeth & Covid-19

It’s been a stressful several months. Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been tricky to stay on top of our normal routines, and dental care is no exception. Brushing and flossing your teeth at home remain a critical part of maintaining good dental hygiene. With no end in sight for Coronavirus concerns, dentists are reporting […]

Clean Teeth During Halloween Dressing up in the spookiest costume and indulging in some sweet treats is all part of the fun on Halloween. But consuming too many of these treats can lead to some unwanted tricks on the teeth if you are not careful. TRICKS TO HAVE A DENTAL SAFE HALLOWEEN Halloween is approaching […]

Connect With Us!

With routine dental care resuming, our team is working extra hard to schedule your next appointment. Phone call volume has increased significantly and some of your calls may go straight to voicemail. We understand that this can be frustrating so we want to share other ways you can reach our team. Our WebsiteOur team is […]


Many of you are already familiar with Teledoc services through your Medical Provider. Our Team is excited to announce the launch of TeleDentistry Services. This service will allow you to connect with a Dentist from the comfort of your home in a few simple steps. 1. Visit our website. Our team is available 24 hrs […]

Even Pediatric Dentists’ Kids Get Cavities.

A few weeks ago I got busy, like all of us do, and had to move my own kids’ dental appointment. Now I’m kicking myself because the COVID closures forced me to further delay our routine visit. Even with a pediatric dentist dad, my kids have gotten cavities. It happens. We started coming in more […]

COVID-19 Resources

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