Connect With Us!

With routine dental care resuming, our team is working extra hard to schedule your next appointment. Phone call volume has increased significantly and some of your calls may go straight to voicemail. We understand that this can be frustrating so we want to share other ways you can reach our team.

Our Website
Our team is available 24 hours a day via live chat, through our website, to help answer your questions and in many cases can connect you with a doctor for a virtual visit.

Our office is also available via Text. Feel free to reach out to us by sending us a text message to (858) 798-9595.

We monitor our email inbox throughout the day. You can email us at

Social Media
Social Media is also a great way to engage with our team. You can connect with us through the following Platforms
Instagram: @RadiantSmilesSD
Twitter: @RSdentist

Our team is working to take calls as fast as they can and we can assure you, we will get to each and everyone of our patients. We are prioritizing appointment times and will reserve a time for you as soon as possible.

We want to thank you for your patience and understanding!


Many of you are already familiar with Teledoc services through your Medical Provider. Our Team is excited to announce the launch of TeleDentistry Services. This service will allow you to connect with a Dentist from the comfort of your home in a few simple steps.

1. Visit our website. Our team is available 24 hrs a day via live chat to help answer your questions.
2. Schedule or receive an invite to our virtual waiting room for dental consultation.
3. Connect with a doctor via live video.

In adjusting to the new times, new technology enables us to better serve our patients. Virtual consultations allows us to connect you to a Doctor for all types of dental consultations.

Emergency Treatment: TeleDentistry will allow us to better screen, triage and determine if you need to be seen in office.
Cosmetic & Elective Treatment: TeleDentistry will allow us to answer your questions on Implants, Veneers, Invisalign or any basic dental questions you may have.
– Second Opinions: TeleDentistry will allow us to review treatment plans. You may share your patient files and x-rays during your virtual consult to discuss your treatment options.

Similar to Teledoc consultations, your TeleDentistry consultation is likely covered by our insurance plan, is secure and most importantly it’s HIPAA compliant!

Even Pediatric Dentists’ Kids Get Cavities.

A few weeks ago I got busy, like all of us do, and had to move my own kids’ dental appointment. Now I’m kicking myself because the COVID closures forced me to further delay our routine visit. Even with a pediatric dentist dad, my kids have gotten cavities. It happens.

We started coming in more frequently for cleanings and fluoride application to strengthen their teeth and gums. I wanted to keep their risk for problems low and make sure their oral health was optimal.

But now I find myself waiting on routine care for the next few weeks until we reopen for regular care. Already I can see the changes in my children’s mouths, which worries me because as a dentist, I know all too well that the mouth is a window to the body, reflecting my kids’ overall health.

Here’s what I’m doing to help prevent decay and slow down chronic diseases from developing:

  1. Floss. If I had to choose just one thing to do for my kids’ oral health, it would be to floss! Floss helps slow down decay from developing between your teeth and helps prevent gum disease. Believe it or not, his is more important than brushing. Healthy gums and bone are what hold your teeth in!.
  2. Rinse with fluoride mouthwash. You can pick up ACT brand mouthwash on your next grocery run. Bubblegum is our favorite flavor. The fluoride helps form a “shell” to protect enamel from attack by bacterial acids.
  3. Minimize processed carbohydrates. I love a good handful of Cheez-Its and Goldfish crackers as much as the next person, but they can wreak havoc on your teeth. They feed bacteria exactly what they want and stick to teeth in ways that are hard to clean. This really activates the bacteria creating adverse conditions in your mouth. If you do find yourself indulging, try to brush immediately afterwards and don’t graze throughout the day. Drinking lots of water also helps to offset the acid challenges from snacking.
  4. Brush your teeth an extra 30seconds. We normally recommend 2 minutes, but when you go past your regular care date, your mouth is likely to be building up plaque and debris faster now. Once some buildup in your mouth starts, it gains momentum and hardens, making it even more difficult to remove.
  5. Eat healthy, exercise, and try to reduce stress. The body is an interdependent system that is healthier when all of its parts are well. Science has shown the increasing importance and linkage between your overall well being and oral conditions.

Hang on! As soon as our association clears the way, we will be back to help you maintain your oral health. In the meantime we continue to be accessible with emergency care and teledentistry consultations. We remain committed to our community and expect elective care to open up soon!